omg,I cannot count the number of hours i have spent on the computer checking out unfamiliar ways of saving, sharing documents etc. I enjoyed some part of these sites but some of them were very confusing. Whenever a topic is confusing to me, it shows in my blogs.

Whiles some of them seemed to confuse me others were very familiar..some familiar topics were the videos, the micro blogging the wikis and many more. I am ready to get off the internet at least from all the good new stuff that we have learn over the course of the semester. The most confusing topic of all for me was the podcast, i was not a big fun of that but since we have a final exams on that i will have to go over it again. My head is about to explode lolz from spending all this time on the net.

I looked at Google news and Digg and i found a news about an interview i was watching last night on TV about the guy who interrupted the president whiles at speech and i thought it pretty nice how the awareness tool such as digg and Google news updates us about such stuffs. I thought reddit was a little confusing the way the information is displayed. well i think im ready to get of the internet but i dont think we all can ever do without the net because it is where all the info is, CPSC 104 might have made you hate the net but you will be back lolz… This is a video i was watching last night enjoy!


There has been so many instances where i had to  search for info on the web and i find myself in where people share their experience on that particular topic or know some sort of information about what i might be looking for. Usually  i look for information about what might be happening when i am having some sort of symptoms of a sickness. People actually give insight on their experiences and i usually like it.

Another forum is the yahoo answers. an interesting question i saw over there was “how can i kill a bug” , lol …nice one. sometimes it’s funny how people have strong opinions about issues on these forums but then again that is why it is a forum, you get to put what makes you happy yay!  . The questions are interesting too.I visited  the yahoo answers site and i saw another question that i thought was funny. the question was  “I NEED HELP DREAMING” lol seriously, is there a a way we can dream. well i am yet to find out but no answers was given in regards to this question.LOL

Finally, blackboard, before i came to college i did not know about blackboard, i  guess it’s  because we did not have blackboard in my high school. I think it really great how we have the black board here in  Mary Wash where we have access to all the information needed.

i have come across these forum sites where i loved the information but since it mostly opinion ,i don’t think it will be great for academic work but definitely for personal knowledge.

Surfing the net for updates has not been fun for me at all besides watching funny videos on you tube and watching my new found site hulu.RSS  is a great way to avoid wasting time looking for new information on your favorite websites.  Sometimes i want to be updated but i end up forgetting due to a lot of things like working, doing home works and stuff. i definitely know that i would not want to go to my favorite website after working 8 hours shift at cvs and doing home work . I think RSS will make it  easy for me to be updated and still do things that are much more important. the google reader in plain language, made it so much easier to understand the steps involved in RSS.

I visited the google reader, registered and created a link from my favorite website . i got some political update  right after registering which i thought was pretty cool. There were also update suggested by the site that you could add if interested. The RSS library also provide links to website that one can add  if interested. I added one RSS to mine that has to do with health care, i figured it would be helpful in my nursing career to know what goes on health wise.  i also created an account at bloglines which i thought was really cool on how the categories are arranged helping one in what should  to added  if interested. Since i like fox news i added that to my page as well. I really love this blogline.


I was fascinated today  about the cloud computing. i like the fact that internet is providing us with more and more options to make life easier and faster. If one needs to start a business or even personal document can be stored using these document sharing sites.  I am sure everyone is familiar with the use of email.  i thought emails was super cool like 4years ago when i knew less about the capability of the internet . But now with the presents of social network and all, i barely send emails. emails now is formal for me, i only send emails to my proffessors and other official stuff.

Now storing  information and collaboration  got better with the cloud computing. what also is very nice about this cloud computing is the fact that different information could be stored in a manner one want to save[youtube][/youtube] watchingthis video explained  the whole idea about the google document very clear, to me it seem like the easiest way among all the other sites.

when i visited i noticed that their main purpose is for businesses but that to dispute the fact that individuals cant use it. google document appeals to me more as an individual that the zoho. I  also visited and i was able to upload an abstract from biology lab i did last semester,oh yea after i created an account, made it private and tag a friend. It was pretty straight forward to use and i know there is more i can do with that and  i will definitely look into it more.


The social bookmarking is a great way of organizing information. I have never used anything like this before, usually all my information is stored on my word document and the links to great websites as well which i always end up forgetting. what a mess. Now that i know there is something that can help with organization and socialization at the same time, i think  im hooked on. i visited and i was amazed at how many information people are able to  stack. i was also curious at what other people had on their page so i visited paolojcruz page and i was looking at a particular article with the tittle ” the new global middle class”. i thought the article was interesting. I saw two  comments on that article, it great that people actually get to voice their opinion  as well. I like how this has a social aspect to it.

I visited , i liked how we can be able to use it through ipod,ipad etc. what i noticed between the diigo and delicious was the fact that diigo has highlights and annotations and what i found really interesting about diigo is, it can help organize your individual picture on the web into an album.i am not sure if that is common to all other traditional bookmarking sites. As i search for more reason why people use these sites, i came across this website that had personal views on connotea,delicious and diigo. People actually choose to use a bookmarking website based on what favors their type of document.

I am interested in knowing more about this social bookmarking it seems really great.

I love youtube and  i cannot count how many times i visit youtube in a day. For me youtube has all the videos that i look for, most of my videos on my blog is from youtube  and i do not know where else i would go for videos. in as much as i love this site , i don think i have ever thought of who owns it. one thing i love about youtube is, it allows people to share both their fun and boring videos. I had a room mate who posted a video on youtube and it was all about making faces. I wish the owners (Google)could decide which videos to post and which it can not that way we can all save ourselves from unnecessary videos.

so i went to vimeo to check out what they got. first of all i wanted to be sure f i could view videos without joining, so i typed funny videos in the such blog. I did not find any result even close to funny and one thing i noticed was the video kept stopping even though it  downloaded.

I like blip because i clicked on one of the videos which i thought was absolutely hilarious. I like the way it set up it is almost like youtube. i have not use hulu personally but i have a friend who use, she watchesher favorite show and she said it is an online TV thing. I went to their site to broaden my knowledge about it and i found out it true, but it said we could try it out for a week and pay after that.

duets. This is a video i found that is showing now on TV. ENJOY!! I AM ENJOYING IT NOW!

The fact that we can be able to watch our favorite shows even when we miss it on TV is really cool. I had two roommates  who  downloaded audacity  that help them podcast their songs that they record on their laptop. I did not really understand how that worked ,but after going through how it is done watching those videos, i finally get it. i went to you tube to watch this video which leads you step by step on how to make a podcast. I went to juice  and i saw a lot of cool stuff that comes along with it when downloaded.I thought it really cool how it is accessible to the blind and visually impaired users as well. The podcatcher is also  very interesting, it helps you know which podcatcher matrix is the best.

Podcast is a way that we can be heard and also hear from people. I went on to check out the different kinds of podcast. I found ones that was like a talk show that basically talks about different things such as controversial issues like race and gender. all the podcast that i have encounter so far is the audio and i know there is the video ones too. Through podcast i can be able to listen to my favorite shows as well.

I personally do not use podcast but after going through the details , i might try doing the audio and hear how i sound. I might never do the video podcasting though. I think  podcasting is great can be a different source of entertainment.

When we talked about Virtual world in class, all i thought about was the video game on my phone, “temple run”. running out of a temple and being chased by monsters, is the idea. what is interesting about the game is, obstacles are placed in your way along the line that makes you want to play the game everyday. I got hooked  on this game before summer school started. Even though i am not a game person, the setting of the game got me hooked on and learning about the actual Virtual world makes me want to try it out.

so many questions popped out in my head when we talked about the different kinds of  virtual world. I think it is great that virtual world is grouped in age appropriate, that everyone ranging  from 6 year old and up get to find something that works for them, however i think the virtual world is not really necessary because, people can engage themselves in real life activities instead of browsing on the net.  i am also aware of the fact that kids get to improve on their artistic skills but when it comes to socialization, virtual world  is not the best. I visited the second life and what i found very interesting was the news page where updated information and articles are posted. I clicked on the article and to my amazement found the picture of the day  LOL.

I would not be interested in creating a virtual world if it not a game on my phone but i do think  it ‘s a great source of entertainment.

When it comes to photography, i am a big fun. i work at the cvs photo and part of my job is to print pictures and also take passport pictures. For me the best part of my job was to assist the customers to print on the kodark machine. There is the online service where people can upload their pictures and send it to any cvs photo department to be printed. I knew about

site like the cvs kodak site where pictures could be uploaded and printed but i never knew about the picture sharing sites such as the flickr, picasa and smugmug. first i visited the picasa site and i looked through some of the pictures which i thought was very beautiful and i tried to save some of it but i noticed i could not do that. It was very nice to see people post videos about their major life events such as weddings and stuff. Under each picture are comments which i think is very nice as well. People are able to voice out their opinion on pictures in a nice way.

when i visited smugmug, i liked the set up of the whole site how bold and clear the pictures were.  i saw another picture that i really liked but could not save . I had wanted to open up an account but i realized i could not do that either. I went on to Flickr and since i already have a yahoo account, it was much easier for me to sign up. I think this is a cool way of exploring photography in a whole new level and i like it.  To the right is a pictures i saved from flickr.



I was taking a while to start this blog because i had to read a lot on how to evaluate information.I searched for violent crime  on Google new and it gave me a whole lot useful information and here is a link to one of them  violent crime .  Wikipedia  gives information on how violent crime it defined in countries such as Australia, Canada etc.a Google scholar gave me articles from government and organizations. It also gave me other topics related to violent crimes which was cool. now evaluating these articles.


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